3rdRisk messages: streamline, collaborate and easily record all your activities
We are excited to announce the introduction of
3rdRisk messages
As an organisation you have a lot of different daily operational activities related to third-party risk management; you pay a partner a visit, a colleague has a phone call with a regulator and procurement is working on new contractual requirements with one of your top vendors. In order to keep track of all those different activities and keep each other informed, a lot of risk professionals currently put colleagues in the carbon copy of their mails, use folders in functional mailboxes or the different risk disciplines all use their own solution.
This is far from optimal, what you want is to have all this information in one centralised place where you easily record activities, collaborate with each other and always work with the latest up-to-date information.
That is why we are introducing
3rdRisk messages
. With this new functionality you can:
  1. Chat real-time internally on a specific risk, third-party or contract
  2. Easily record an activity or agreement for your colleagues and yourself
  3. Keep a historic overview for your auditors and use it for e.g. future contractual negotiation purposes
3rdRisk messages
is a generic functionality that is fully integrated within different platform modules. You can start a conversation on the following elements:
3rdRisk messages
is available for all account types and is activated per today. You can easily use this new functionality by clicking on an element title (e.g. risk, third-party, assessment) and the right side pane will slide open. Give it a try and let us know your feedback!
Dynamic risk matrix
You could already easily record all your internal & external risks in the 3rdRisk platform. To get a better understanding of your overall risk landscape and improve your reporting capabilities, we are introducing the risk matrix:
Based on the impact and likelihood scoring, the platform is grouping these risks in a dynamic 5x5 risk matrix. It is dynamic as you can click on a specific area to easily filter on these risks in your risk register.
It is available for all account types in the risk module. As always we are curious about your feedback and improvement ideas!
Improved visual adjustments
Due to the continuous growth of new functionalities, there is a risk that the interface of our platform becomes too cluttered and complex. A common risk in the GRC and SaaS market. That is why we are continuously working to maintain a clean and clear interface.
A short summary of the latest visual improvements:
  1. We removed the shadow of the organisational multi-tenant dropdown (with this dropdown you can manage multiple organisations with one 1 account, this is especially useful for managed service providers or major International corporations).
  2. The corners of the different page sections will now have the same aligned rounded corner style as the buttons. This gives a more clean and quite overview.
  3. The top bar became too cluttered with an array of different buttons and it was not always clear where to find the relevant docs button. That is why we moved the docs buttons to a more prominent position within the different modules.
  4. The changelog button is now smaller and will automatically notify you with a small red-dot when there is a new release note.
  5. Feedback from our platform users is key as they drive the improvements and new development initiatives, that is why we made a direct feedback link when you click on your profile icon.
We hope that you like these changes and encourage you to keep providing us feedback!
Location in organisation overview and e-mail engagement
We just pushed a new release with several updates:
Improved location in the organisation form
Based on community feedback we improved the form that allows you to select the location within the organisation of an element (e.g. third-party, contract, incident, risk). In the previous releases, you had to select one or elements and then you had to click on the [x] to save and close the screen. We could follow the community feedback that it would make more sense to work with a confirm button to save your selection. So we updated the form and added a confirmation button:
Improved location in the organisation dropdown
In addition, we improved the dropdown selector for the location in the organisation:
With this new overview, it is easier to determine the exact location in the organisation, as the platform provides you with the full path of each element. This is especially useful when one contract is active in the two different locations in your organisational structure.
E-mail engagement
We have introduced a new set of e-mails that the system will send distributed in the first few days that someone joins the platform. It is primarily meant for pinpointing users to the different functionalities that the platform provides, booking a one-on-one video call for onboarding support and showcase our extensive docs site.
Please keep providing useful feedback and bug reports at
Click through your supply chain!
We are proud to announce that we just released the first version of our dynamic supply chain visualisation:
You can use this visual to click through your third-party ecosystem, easily see interdependencies, determine tier levels (auto-calculated by the platform) and quickly see the different risk profiles (ring colours).
On the dashboard below the pie charts, you can find this new functionality.
We are working on other contextual and design improvements, but we are also curious about your ideas, so please leave suggestions on
Changed vendor to third-party
We replaced the concept of vendor within the platform with
. With 3rdRisk we want to enable organisations to manage all their third-parties with the platform - not only vendors but also alliances, joint-ventures, distributors etc.
This resulted in the following changes:
  • Throughout the platform, we replaced the word "vendor" with "third-party". This included the left menu navigation and the rename of the "vendor catalogue" to the "third-party catalogue".
  • Per third-party you can now define the third-party type
    (vendor, supplier, service provider, business partner, joint-venture, alliance, distributor, reseller, agent, contractor, 4th-party, nth-party, other)
In addition, we introduced the
  • Per third-party you can assign a category
    (strategic, major, niche, tactical).
    This is especially useful when you have a large number of different third-parties and you want to easily categorise and prioritise your efforts.
We are currently working on updating the different Docs sections to reflect those changes.
Integrated feedback and changelog notifications
We integrated Canny within our platform for registering feature requests, file bug reports and publish changelogs.
Your feedback is key for improving and maturing our platform, so with this new integration, we make it easier for you to provide suggestions and bug reports. You will also have the option to view and vote for suggestions provided by the other users and our own employees. This way we can collectively work on new features, fix issues and make it the best third-party platform on the planet.
Click on the feedback button in the top menu bar or go directly to and start collaborating with us.
In the near future, we will also publish the development roadmap of our platform. More on that in one of the next updates!
Updated navigation menu
We updated the left navigation menu:
  • Aligned and simplified menu item names
  • Integrated the Awsomefont icon set
Old menu
New menu
We hope you like it and are curious about your feedback!